5 Ways to organize your time as a student

5 Ways to organize your time as a student

Disorganized, isn’t a word one would want to be called. Being organized is and should be the goal for you as a student. You need to organize your time and space, keeping track of all your appointments if you want to be organized.

When you’re organized, it reduces your stress and anxiety levels. It also makes you feel in charge and in total control of your activities. A few tips to having an organized time are listed below.

1. Use a day planner

Day planner is very useful because it helps you have control of your day’s activities. Here, you fix in appointments for each day in the week. You should write down all your hourly commitments in the planner. Try to always check the planner at the start of each day so you can stay organized and follow your schedule.

2. Have a to-do list

This is important if you plan on staying organized. Make a to-do list of your immediate needs (short term goals) and your not-so immediate needs (long term goals). Keep this to-do where you can always see it and cross out tasks as you complete them. This helps you feel motivated to tackle the other tasks on the list and ultimately makes you more productive.

3. Multitask

Multitasking allows you to get multiple things done within a short period of time. It can also help you be more organized, as you will feel less overwhelmed about the things you need to get done if you complete them all at once. It is important to note that studies have shown that multitasking may diminish one’s ability to focus on one thing at a time. Know how you use multitasking.

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4. Put important dates in a calendar

You should get a calendar and put where you can look at it everyday. Put important dates like meeting dates, appointment dates etc in the calendar. Make it a habit to always check your calendar for important events you might have penned down.  Keep your calendar updated to help you with organizing your time.

5. Relax

When you need to, relax. Take a breather, refresh your mind and your body. You cannot be productive if you are exhausted. Treat yourself to a good time. You’ll find that once refreshed, you’re ready to dive into whatever appointments and meetings you may have lined up for you.

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