[Article] Unbelievable But True By Apagunpote Olayimika 

[Article] Unbelievable But True By Apagunpote Olayimika 

At early dawn today, driving through a rural cprotectthefuture  State, Nigeria, where I had a pending project, i couldn’t have missed the sad spectacle.

It was a male crossing the road behind my vehicle. I had wondered what it was.

He was alone! As if abandoned to bear the burden of whatever ill fate has visited upon him. 

And I said to myself, “This cannot be real”.

Getting close to see, I couldn’t have saved the tears from spilling!

I had seen children in such conditions only on television and the social media, but never at close sight.

It is often in war ravaged zones, and desolate and devastated spaces that I had thought one can find a child in such a state.

But No! It is in a community with life and seeming bliss. Everyone engaged in their individual pursuit and no one Cares.

A community with government institution visibly present, high profile personalities, top politicians, business moguls, and unnumbered NGOs (local and international).

But the candid truth is, no one really Cares.

Our quest to build a sane society-advance the frontiers of local and global peace cannot be possible without paying attention to every malaise and the unimaginable appearances of poverty within us.

Government has failed in her responsibility to the citizenry. Local and global interventionists have largely been blind-sighted.

Can we continue living in such a sordid state and pretend that “It is all well”?

It is true that ” Poverty walks stark naked in Nigeria”.

And it is inanarguably true that everyone of us must play a role, however little, towards the amelioration and eradication of poverty in Nigeria.

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Until then, we will always find a child that drops those hard tears from our eyes.

Pls share until there is a public outcry.

#careforthechild # pushbackpoverty # sustainoursociety # protectthefuture

Written by Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

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