[Article] Open Letter To Illustrious Sons And Daughters Of Ijebu-Jesa: A New Dawn With Pelumi Olajengbesi By Apagunpote Olayimika 

[Article] Open Letter To Illustrious Sons And Daughters Of Ijebu-Jesa: A New Dawn With Pelumi Olajengbesi By Apagunpote Olayimika 

“Uplifting the glory of Egboroland”
The greatness, bravery and courageous attributes of illustrious sons and daughters of Ijebu-Jesa can be easily traced to the founding father of Ijebu-Jesa, Oba Agigiri Egboroganlada; a son of Oodua Olofin Aiye who was also an elder brother of Owa Obokun Ajibogun. As a result of Old age, Oodua Olofin Aiye became blind and the ifa worshippers consulted the oracle and it was revealed that he would regain his sight if certain ingredients including sea water and the pod of palm kernels could be procured. Out of all their father’s sons; Agigiri and his brother Ajibogun went for the sea water through Ijebu-Ode and got it from Eleke near Epe and their father was treated and he regained his sight. Many of us refused to be shocked by Pelumi Olajengbesi’s act of bravery and humility because these are attributes of our forefathers.

Over the years, Ijebu-Jesa has been a reckoning force in Yoruba race and several historians have emphasized on its role, value and purpose of its existence as an ancient town. As an ancient and promising town, Ijebu-Jesa has produced numerous illustrious sons and daughters who have become masters of different fields and have contributed immensely to the development of Ijebu-Jesa, neighbouring towns and nations. These illustrious sons and daughters have enslaved wealth, become reckoning forces of progress and development but there is still a lot to do as far as political and socio-economic development of this ancient town is concerned.

According to the reports from the National Bureau of Statistics; there are 40million unemployed youths and 17million youths have lost their jobs. This tragedy that befell our nation extended its wings to our dear town as subset of this dying nation. The youths- endowed with fresh ideas and bubbling energy have become hopeless and helpless yet without these youths; the future of our dear town is blur. Inspite of the many challenges our youths face in Ijebu-Jesa, it is uncommon, extraordinary and rare that our youths have refused to give up on Ijebu-Jesa. It is inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future of the land, our youths have refused to succumb to despondency and hopelessness.

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This rare and uncommon attribute rekindles my dying spirit and one of the reasons why I believe that through hardwork and support, Ijebu-Jesa can become great. 

I am extremely happy that some illustrious sons and daughters have contributed to the socio-economic development of our town. They have set-up firms, hotel business and small scale businesses not only for the production of goods and rendering of services at affordable prices for the good people of Ijebu-Jesa but also an avenue to accommodate and employ vibrant youths within our community. All illustrious sons and daughters have tried their possible best for youths but what is the workforce capacity of these small scale businesses? These small scale businesses can only employ few youths while others remain hopeless, helpless and become unemployable. 

As a youth, I know what it takes to be in a hopeless state. I was born and wrapped with shawls of penury and despair; walking through the lone streets of Osogbo and Ede searching for greener pastures are unpleasant experiences. I pulled myself up from this doldrums and hopelessness. I faced the future with uncommon confidence, hope and faith in God. I was fortunate to be opportuned but how many people/youths would have such opportunity? Most youths never had a chance and their potentials were never discovered. Many youths of this town who could have improved their lives and that of this town have not been getting the opportunities to do so. It is only when youths are gainfully employed and engaged that there can be everlasting peace in Ijebu-Jesa and environs.

We need to create numerous opportunities for youths because they are the pillars of development in our society. The theory of giving 15 motorcycles to 1000 youths is barbaric, inhumane, cruel and savage. There should be creation of opportunities through small scale businesses, provision of capital as supports for artisans, working closely with entrepreneurs and involving in strategic projects to entice investors for the development of our dear land. All these good wills need political will and political will can only be achieved through participation in politics. 

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There should be a way to assemble best of brains in the land and provide the political will and commitment so that jointly, and with the cooperation of young and old, build Ijebu-Jesa of our dreams. Ijebu-Jesa must rise to take its leadership place in Osun state and earn the respect of other towns. This places on us the responsibility of stewardship. It is the consciousness of this responsibility that has guided my opinions, decisions and thoughts. Ijebu-Jesa needs to be rescued from the pangs of hunger, under development and the best way to develop a society is to develop a youth. Youths need to be engaged positively through employment and creation of opportunities through meaningful empowerments. It is only when youths are employed; oldies would enjoy and sleep peacefully but when youths are not responsibly engaged; they turn to agents of destruction and make acts of vandalism their daily contributions to the society. 

Massive employment opportunities and meaningful empowerment programmes comes with strong political will. Ijebu-Jesa has been neglected for years; Oriade local government has been sidelined for years as a result of fear and absence of agile, strong, courageous and determined aspirant to have a face off with the present political king. The people of Israel want to go; Pharaoh is ready to rule for lifetime but where is their moses? The political weather was calm until a vibrant young chap threw his hat into the ring and the weather became stormy. 

This young chap has been accepted by the common people of other quarters, towns, villages and hamlets. They have presented him as their sole candidate and they are ready to give him their mandate. He has convinced his people and the people have accepted his convictions; they admired his dedication, determination and unwavering spirit of resiliency. They choose him as their leader because he is simple, kind, generous, humble, strong, brave and most especially he is a youth with a clear focus. He is a strong youth; Only a strong youth would come out to contest against powers that have ruled our constituency into darkness for years. Only a brave youth would come out to rescue the values and purposes of his constituency from ruins and only a courageous youth could be determined to rescue young and old ones from hunger, poverty and future laced with uncertainty. 

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Ijebu-Jesa has never at a time had it nicely as this. No candidate has been well and generally accepted by the people of Ijebu-Jesa and environs like this in past years. No candidate has created a long lasting impressions in the hearts of the people like this in past years.

This is a clear opportunity for the good people of Ijebu-Jesa, Oriade and Obokun local governments to redefine their thoughts, time for positive supports and immerse contributions.

Pelumi Olajengbesi is the moses of Oriade/Obokun constituency that is ready to chase the pharaoh of the constituency that has refused to leave. Pelumi Olajengbesi is the young chap who drilled boreholes for those who have no water, paid bogus medical charges for the sick and weak ones who have no money to pay bills, sponsored football competitions across towns to preach oneness of youths, organised empowerments for women especially widows, introduced scholarships, paid for examinations of the poor and less privileged ones and many other countless philanthropical acts. 

If he could perform excellently without portfolio, let us give him a chance to expand his coast through political authority irrespective of our differences.

The good people of Ijebu-Jesa, Oriade and Obokun local governments. The star has risen and it depends on the wise men prowesses to know the star, look for the star and validate the star. I have spoken!!!

Written by  Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo 

a writer, content developer and freelance journalist*

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