[Article] Between Cows And Men: Who Deserves To Live In Benue? By Busy Brain 

[Article] Between Cows And Men: Who Deserves To Live In Benue? By Busy Brain 

My sober greetings to the Nigerians who had gone through a lot of messes and unhealthy feelings because of our great country that’s being captured by sets of terrorists. It’s no more a convolution that this great nation is under the siege of terrorists from various parts of the country.
Although, the larger parts of the country are not experiencing the hard times like some regions that are presently going through hell. 

But, the fact still remains that, we cannot be bathing in the pool of celebration because of the non-inclusion of our people in the countless massacres that were staged in the past. At the same time, we can not be sleeping and snoring because none of our relatives live in Benue, Borno, Plateau, Kaduna, and other areas that are eating the hot soup of terrorists. How many of adipele’s multiple and interlocked teeth could be counted? Boko-bombs, herdsmen massive attacks, Niger Delta’s avengers, IPOB secessionists, Kaduna incessant killings, Jos riots to mention but a few. All these have shown that  the country is drowning in the murky water of terrorists and threats. Terrorists now set agenda for Nigeria because their matter is a burning issue on daily basis in every nook and cranny of the country.

Rhetorically, who is more valuable between the cows and men? Who deserves more food and healthy living between the cows and men? Whose life is more paramount to the government between cows and men? 

Disgustingly, Nigeria’s government has been giving regards and much respect to the herdsmen. Is it  because they occupy the larger portion in government or because they acquire larger territories? The non-assiduous attitude of the present administration has shown that the federal government values the herdsmen’s cows and livestock than human beings and conjecturally, that has been the reason behind less serious sanctions that would  debar their ranching method. The government is only interested in grazing bill to acquire the poor masses’ land for the cows to grow pot bellies. Is that why the Fulani herdsmen would always think that they are above the law?

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But, if truly no one is  above the law, what has been the outcome of the over 72 innocent lives killed recently in Benue? What has government planned to give to their people? What is delaying the government to declare war against the herdsmen like they did to IPOBs? What is delaying the styles of  dancing that would be given to the herdsmen by the military men like the phyton dance? Why has the government refused to declare the herdsmen as terrorists like they did to the IPOBs?  At this juncture, a minute silent for the lives that had gone to eternal slumber in Benue, Borno, kaduna, Pleateu etc.

It’s pitiable and disheartening that tribalism has beclouded our minds and that serves as the reason why Nigeria is facing retrogression, terrorisms and threats. No earthquake has ever occurred in Nigeria and we have had countless numbers of mass burial. No tsunami disaster has ever happened in our dear country and the level of carnages and killings are getting hiker on a daily basis. Our lives are at stake while the government is awake. 

Stop Fulani herdsmen! Feed the human beings not the animals!

Stop the killings in Benue and other parts of the country for peace and unity.

God bless Nigeria! 

God bless Fedpoffa
I am Busy Brain

An undergraduate student of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.


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