9 Things Ladies Do On Social Media That Shows They Are Runs Girls

9 Things Ladies Do On Social Media That Shows They Are Runs Girls

1. Uploading Bosoms/Buttocks Revealing Pictures

I think this should top the list. They upload pictures revealing
the half part of their bosoms, laps and buttocks to viewers
because they know it will definitely catch their fancy. This is a
bid to attract various male species. *Dem gat sell market by
force by fire*.. Yeye girls. I don’t want to start mentioning their

2. They Include Their PINs/Fone Numbers In Their profiles

Why on earth will a lady add her phone number and PIN when
it’s not for business purpose ? Even as a guy, I find it
inappropriate to do so (except for business purpose), so why
on earth will a lady reveal her fone number/PIN for the whole
world to see?. Some will even write ” Please call me or add me
on whatsapp
080xxxxxxxx” na wa oooh !!!

3. They Change Dps By Regular Intervals
My research and findings have shown that runs girls are not hard to spot on social media because they desperately flaunt their styles and show how sophisticated they are. They will

never take pictures in churches/mosques but all their pictures are either taken in the bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms(night gown outfit) parties, club house, pepper soup joint etc. They snap pictures at every location and it becomes their Dp

4. Subscription About To Expire, Who Cares To Renew ?
Ladies who announce their data bundle status are scam in my personal opinion, therefore, I have no atom of regard for such ladies. On a normal day they use monosyllabic replies for you
but the moment you enquire about their date bundle expiry date, you will see them typing 150words in one minute.

5. They Don’t Chat With Broke Guys
Let clarify this before some people tear me to pieces. Runs
girls on social media are quick to mouth thrash broke dudes,
that is, they don’t give a damn about you even if you hold a
Bachelors degree in as much as they know that a kobo can
never come out of your pocket. However, they would rather give
their attention to illiterates who are ready to pay their bills

6. They Are Overly Rude
Runs girls on social media are very rude especially when you
hold a contrary opinion about them. They are ill-mannered and
talk rudely regardless of the age difference. However, they are
always quick to anger when you tell them to desist from such
act and they will never hesitate to bullshit you saying it’s their
lives and they live it the way they want. Just as they will try to
tongue lash me with haughty contempt for this write-up

7. So Many Male Species Dominate Their List
There’s nothing actually wrong having so many guys in your
list but when a lady has up 100 friends in her list and 95 of
them are guys, it’s just one of the things we are talking about

8. I’m Bored, Who Cares To Take Me Out?
This is another thing to look out for. They use this as PM to get
the attention of guys they barely know. This is a bid to get the
attention of sex starved dudes that they will screw up

9. They Change Relationship Status Like Disco Light
They change their relationship status as if their lives depend on
it. They can change their relationship status 15 times a week.
They are confused if they are in relationship or not

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