Kidnapping Cases In Lagos With No Appropriate Intelligence By Security Agencies

Kidnapping Cases In Lagos With No Appropriate Intelligence By Security Agencies

We have been loosing men of the armed forces and the police to kidnappers lately. This is so sad. The young men perpetrating these wicked acts are the riverine bandits.

There are so much questions agencies need to understand and answer before making good success.

1. You must know the particular ethnic group involved in kidnapping in Lagos and South West using the creeks.

2. You must know how they look in appearance which only a kidnap survivor would tell. There are special cases where victims have good relationships with the abductors and may get to know them very be being released.

3. You must know the likely weapons, route to operations and logistics during successful season of negotiations with captives relations.

4. You must know the likely areas where they stay from where they organize and come for operations. They don’t stay permanently in the creeks.

5. You need to know the huts and villages around the lakes, rivers and the Epe – Ikorodu lagoon. Know their nature and how long they have been existing. Are occupied by the indigenous people of Lagos or South West. These militants disguise as palm wine tappers, fishermen to move without arms in the creeks, lagoon and even into town to provide food and general logistics for members and also monitor the activities sites in the environment and plan to strike.

If you may know, I was born and completely raised in Epe Local Government. It is the most peaceful LGA in the 80s up 90s during our primary and secondary schools. We used to walk long distances to and fro school to our different villages. I can swim excellently even the lagoon. A good hunter as we used this means to care, assist and provide food for our poor parents.

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So, where are the creeks providing home for kidnappers? A young committed hunter villager would tell you where each route leads you to. Unfortunately, many indigenes no longer do much hunting and farming, hence the NON- INDIGENES have taken advantage and made the creeks a convenient home for crime.

The government today deploys security forces to check kidnapping. It is good but you need more information. It’s more than to stop and search road users. I commend the police and the Military in the fight. May God help your family.

The government and the police authorities have never visited survivors of kidnapping with high degree of gun shots injury receiving treatment in major hospitals in Lagos.

Most of them supposed to be most visit places for top government heads even after their cases have been made known to the government through the right channel. I suggest you go to them in where they receiving treatment and get useful information from them.

Give them necessary assistance. What you here from them would be more beneficial in fight against kidnapping in Nigeria.

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